20 Best and Highest Paying Affiliate Programs For Beginners

20 best affiliate marketing for beginners

What are the best and highest paid affiliate programs to help you get started in affiliate marketing?

So you want to make some money through affiliate marketing. You might need some extra cash to create the life you’re want to manifest. Or maybe you just you need some extra cash for the holidays or a special event. Whatever your reasons are, this is a judgement free zone, you’ve come to the right place. But a quick break down of our top 20.

1. Shopify.
2. Canva.
3. Fiverr.
4. Amazon.
5. Ebay.
6. Clickbank.
7. Buzzsprout.
8. Leadpages.
9. Teachable.
10. SEMrush.
11. Clickfunnels.
12. Udemy.
13. Hostgator.
14. CJ.
15. FlexOffers.
16. Ace Hardware.
17. Template Monster.
18. Instapage.
19. Sandals resort.
20. James Allen.

These aren’t in a greatest to least order. They’re just multiple options for your affiliate marketing journey. Whether all or none resonate with you. We hope this article opens your mind to the possibility you have to create an income out of affiliate marketing.


shopify affiliate program

Shopify is an online commerce platform. It allows business owners to sell their products on an online store. With that, these businesses need to make their products known. That’s where you come in. Whether you want to market for Shopify itself, or the merchants that use its platform, you can earn an average of $58 per sign up.



Canva is basically an online graphical tool. You can use it to edit social media content, create posters, or logos. The basic Canva platform is free to the public. But Canva also offers a platform for professionals, i.e. Canva Pro. Canva Pro comes with a price though. Also the necessity for awareness and subscribers to Canva Pro. You can earn up to $36 per each Canva Pro subscriber.


Fiverr affiliate Marketing

Fiverr is an online Gig platform. It brings freelance creators and consumers together. As an affiliate you earn commission off of the services you market. The more expensive the service, the more you make.



We all know Amazon.com as the biggest marketplace of our generation. Probably the biggest marketplace ever, and it’s done online. Take into consideration on how much potential there is for you. You can make anywhere from $100-$20,000. The sky is the limit.


Ebay is another very famous online commerce platform. With a lot of daily traffic, the potential to make money is high. As an Ebay Affiliate Marketer, your mission is to earn commission by marketing products. You can earn around 4% commission on each item sold.


Clickbank is a platform that allows people with a product to contact people who market. Online products such as Ebooks, videos, software, etc. You can earn $15-$50 per product you sale. Some affiliate marketers make a few $100 daily.


Buzzsprout is a podcasting platform. It allows you to create, monitor, and edit your podcasting content. With Buzzsprout you can earn a one time commission, or a recurring commission. That’s $25 one time, or 20% recurring.


Leadpages is an online platform that allows you to create a landing page for any type of product you’re trying to sell online. Whether it be a webinar, book, or video. Leadpages Affiliate Marketers earn a base pay of 10% recurring commission. Also the more you sale, the higher your commission. You have the opportunity to earn 50%.


Teachable is an online platform that gives teachers and coaches the opportunity to sell their courses online. With Teachable you can earn 30% recurring commission right off the bat. Wow, that’s crazy high. Also you’re bringing people thirsty for knowledge, to Teachers wanting to quench that thirst. A great income for a good cause.


SEMrush is an online software that helps people struggling to make their website visible. In other words its purpose is to bring awareness to your brand. As an Affiliate Marketer for SEMrush you can earn 40% recurring commission. Your goal, get people to purchase their SEO tool.


Clickfunnels is an online tool that allows people with a product to create a sales funnel for that product. The sales funnel allows for the seller to not be present during the entire sales process. There’s multiple tiers and options on how to get paid as an Affiliate Marketer for Clickfunnels. The highest being 40% commission per sale.


Udemy is another platform that brings students and teachers together. You can earn anywhere from 10-20% commission per class sold. It might not be as much as other Affiliate programs, but it can be more fulfilling. Also Udemy is one of the most recognized online learning platforms.


Hostgator is a web hosting service provider. It allows for people to create and maintain their website through Hostgator’s online database. With Hostgator an affiliate marketer can earn $50-$125 per month, per customer. They also don’t have a earnings cap, so the potential is unlimited.


CJ is an online advertising company. As a CJ affiliate marketer you can earn up to 20% commission on the products you sell. CJ is one of the biggest affiliate marketing platforms. With some of its reps making $80,000 per year.


Flexoffers is another Affiliate Marketing platform. It brings people with a product to people who market. Flexoffers pays commission per lead. The more leads you generate, the more income you earn.


You didn’t expect to see a big name brand like Ace Hardware did you? Well ya better believe it. If you have some DIY content, this Affiliate Marketing program might be for you. How much commission you earn depends on how many sales you generate.

Template Monster

Template Monster is a online tool to make templates. Whether its for your website or social media, Template Monster is your website. You can earn $20-$40 per template sold. It’s based off the price of the template sold.


Instapage is another landing page software. It allows for online creators to create a landing page for their content. With instapage you can earn a 50% commission. Also they give you a 30% recurring commission every year after that. Not too bad.

Sandals Resort

Another big name you didn’t expect to see on here. Sandals Resort pays its affiliates 4% commission. Now before you say that’s kind of low, we all know resorts are pretty pricey. You never know, the money you earn can pay for your vacay at one of their resorts.

James allen

Last but not least James Allen. One of the big name jeweler’s. James Allen Affiliates make up to 5% commission per items sold. A James Allen ring runs for a few thousand. That’s a few hundred for you.

Whether or not you decide to take a few programs from this list. Your Affiliate Marketing journey’s success will depend on how consistent you are. Just like with anything in life Success comes with time. The more time you spend, the better you will become. I truly believe this is one of the first steps to your Affiliate Marketing goal. I wish you all of the luck, and thank you for taking time to read this.

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